Music Lessons – When to Start?

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It’s never too early to introduce your child to music. Think of the early Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies you sing from birth. Playing an instrument however requires careful timing. It’s important that the youngster has an interest in learning and can do so in a non-pressurised environment.

I have found that from around 5 years old children are ready to sit at a piano for 15+ minutes and learn the basics. They are more than happy to play games that help them to learn the names of the notes, build chords and practice scales. They are keen to learn and practice simple melodies, learn about other instruments and styles of music and develop their aural awareness. All of this broadens their musicality and gives them a head start for music lessons at school and for taking recognised grades when older.

Of course all children are different and they develop at different speeds however I have found it easy to tap into a child’s interest and engage them with some aspect of music. As soon as my daughter was able to sit up I would sit her at the keys of the piano and allow her to explore and find out for herself what she could do. As she has grown I have been careful not to pressure her to play – although I would love for her to learn – I really want her to discover for herself and have an intrinsic desire to play.

The research that has been carried out on the effects of music education on child development is immense – Learning about patterns supports mathematical acquisition, communication and emotional intelligence is developed as well as confidence blossoming with progression and performance. So what are you waiting for? Piano is a great first instrument to grasp the basics and then there is a whole world of instruments to choose from.

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